Sandra McGregor - 'Onse artist' in District Six HERITAGE HALF PRICE by Dolores Fleischer
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In 1966, under the Group Areas Act of 1950, District Six was declared a white area by the Nationalist government. Between 1966 and 1982 approximately 60,000 people were evicted from District Six. Communities were broken up, families separated and immense heartbreak suffered ­ in particular by the elderly inhabitants of District Six, many of whom never adjusted to being forced to settle in remote areas of the sandy, inhospitable Cape Flats.


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Sandra McGregor (1928– ) is a South African born artist who trained in England, Holland, France, and Italy in the 1950s. She returned to Cape Town in 1962 practically penniless, having been told by her father, Lee McGregor an eminent South African surgeon, that he was no longer willing to support her.

about the author - Dolores Fleischer

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Dolores Fleischer, born in Johannesburg, educated at Roedean School (SA) and the University of the Witwatersrand, is an accomplished researcher, editor and writer and has worked on many books, including eight SA PEN volumes of short stories. At the copyright holder¹s request she completed an abridged version of of Jock of the Bushveld which ran into several editions; later she and Joan Raikes produced a seventy-fifth anniversary history of Roedean School , "Honneur Aulx Dignes" ; and she and Angela Caccia wrote "Merchant Pioneers: the House of Mosenthal", a chronicle of a South African family. In "Sandra McGregor - ¹Onse Artist¹ in District Six" Dolores has written a deeply personal history of her Roedean friend Sandra McGregor. She worked over a decade to record Sandra¹s life story and trace her artworks. Her project now comes to fruition in this beautiful edition of Sandra¹s work.

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