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Zulu Woodcarving 

Nessa Leibhammer - The fourth and final title in the Print Matters Traditional Zulu Crafts Series to accompany 

Zulu BasketryZulu Pottery and Zulu Beadwork.

Look out for a limited edition boxed set Zulu Traditional Crafts Quartet.

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Print Matters Heritage publishes books on South African art, craft and heritage with a particular focus on those artists, craftspeople and individuals who have been overlooked yet made an impact on South African culture: they have stories to tell and vision to share that can empower our youth and restore pride in our collective heritage.

Print Matters Heritage  also packages and markets titles for other publishers as well as corporations, institutions, associations and individuals.

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Robin Stuart-Clark :

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bumble books

by Robin Stuart-Clark

A WORDLESS PICTUREBOOK It’s Sam and Cat’s bedtime. All is quiet until suddenly Cat is woken by a strange noise ... What can it be? There’s a Rat playing...More info

Goggy Bakes Banana Bread / Goggy Bak Piesangbrood
by John Macfarlane

It looks like things are about to get messy; but with your help, Goggy’s banana bread will be delicious …

Rocking Rosetta / Ruk-en-Rol Rosetta
by Emmaline Tomalin

Rosetta loves playing her guitar.  When Rosetta’s family told her to quieten down, no one bargained on Granny!

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The Sock Rat / Die Sokkierot
by Janina Pechova

One day Rafael, the rat artist, discovered socks!    Yes, socks! Not smelly old socks! Nice clean socks! Lots of lovely soft, fluffy, woolly warm, brightly-coloured socks of all...More info

Elephants don't grow on Trees! / Olifante groei nie aan Bome nie!
by AH Benjamin

Mr Tusker loved elephants. He wanted an elephant of his very own; so much that he even dreamed about them and what fun he could have. But...More info

My Great Expedition
by Justin Fox

In 1973 at the age of 6, Justin Fox went on a Grand Tour of Europe with his parents – from Cape Town to London,...More info

The Baby Brother Curse / Die Bababoetie-gedoente
by Michelle Sacks and Carla Kreuser

When Boo hears that her mum is expecting a little boy, she thinks it’s the very worst news in the whole world. She pictures her brother,...More info

Farrah is not a Dalmatian / Farrah is nie 'n Dalmatian nie
by Adrie le Roux

Farrah is a small dog with a big problem.                                ...More info

Bumble Books Colouring Book No. 1
The BUMBLE BOOKS COLOURING BOOK No.: 1  features a selection of line illustrations ideal for colouring for all ages - from award-winning South African illustrators...More info

I am Alex / Ek is Alex
by Elena Agnello and Adrie le Roux

I am Alex. Today is my birthday and I’m having a party. My friends are coming, but everyone is welcome! Please come, too!  ENGLISH OUT OF PRINT / LIMITED...More info

The Rainbow's Heart
by Richard Latimer

When cousins Dusty Rhodes and Bob Wyre are asked to save a mysterious colony of bees, they must follow a honeyguide across Africa, through border...More info

The PossibiliTree
by Tamlyn Young

“Grown-ups think they are more clever than kids but I don’t think that’s always true. I think grown-ups forget how to do a lot of...More info

Annie Learns to Swim / Annie Leer Swem
by Katrin Coetzer

Annie’s mum wants her to learn how to swim; she buys her a new swimming costume. But Annie doesn’t like water – it’s wet and splashy...More info

Mu's Wolf Problem
by Maria Lebedeva

Mu is home alone – and afraid to be all by herself. What’s more she can hear scratching and sighing! Whatever can it be? Is...More info

Oom Kallas and the Tortoises
by Claerwen Howie

Can Nick and sally save the tortoises in time? A week on Gran’s farm becomes an adventure of discovery when Oom Kallas introduces them to the...More info

Table Mountain's Holiday
by Lucy Stuart-Clark

Tired of being covered by a cold, cloudy blanket, Table Mountain, an almost fossilised dinosaur, stretches his reptilian legs, waves goodbye to Lion’s Head ......More info

Vumile and the Dragon
by Claerwen Howie - illustrated by Lisa Strachan and Meg Jordi

Will Morris, Granny Ada’s black cat, show Katie something magical? When Joe and Katie arrive to stay on their granny’s farm during the September holidays something...More info