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Have you ever wondered

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Rosetta loves playing her guitar. 

When Rosetta’s family told her to quieten down, no one 

bargained on Granny!










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An Art Museum in Africa: The South African National Gallery

Marilyn Martin


Zulu Woodcarving 

Nessa Leibhammer - The fourth and final title in the Print Matters Traditional Zulu Crafts Series to accompany 

Zulu BasketryZulu Pottery and Zulu Beadwork.

Look out for a limited edition boxed set Zulu Traditional Crafts Quartet.

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Publishing Print Matters publishes books on South African art, craft and heritage with a particular focus on those artists, craftspeople and individuals who have been overlooked yet made an impact on South African culture: they have stories to tell and vision to share that can empower our youth and restore pride in our collective heritage.

Publishing Print Matters also packages and markets titles for other publishers as well as corporations, institutions, associations and individuals.

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