The End of the Deadline - Behind the News 2 by Harvey Tyson
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Harvey Tyson has followed the dictates of his ‘itch’ to write for over 70 years. He is probably best remembered for his byline in many respected newspapers, in SA and abroad, when he was a full-time news journalist for 44 years — particularly as editor-in-chief of the Johannesburg Star for 16 years in the days of apartheid South Africa. 


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 The End of the Deadline - Behind the News 2 - R 299.00


THE END OF THE DEADLINE is part follow-on of Tyson’s easy to read and fascinating autobiography The Other Side – Behind the News 1 where the reader is taken on a vicarious, and often humorous, journey through the landmark South African and world events he witnessed on his watch. But it is much more than that, too. Unpacking the history of the printed press – and its imminent demise, hence the book’s title – and the challenges that have and always will face the Fourth Estate, this book is a must-read for any journalist or student of journalism. Tyson also expounds on his vision of the future of credible online journalism and stresses the importance of online news portals and content providers subscribing to the tried-and-tested credos and ethics of leading printed newspaper brands such as The New York Times.

about the author - Harvey Tyson

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Harvey Tyson has been actively reporting, analysing and writing for 70 years, on subjects ranging from news, politics and socio-economics to book reviews, history and travel.