Elgar the Cyclist - A Creative Odyssey by Kevin Allen

Anyone wandering the country lanes of Worcester and Hereford in the early 1900s might have come across a bowler-hatted, handlebar-moustached man rhythmically and thoughtfully pedalling his handsome 'Sunbeam' bicycle. This is the story of that cyclist, Edward Elgar, and how some of his greatest music was born in the saddle in sight of the Malvern Hills he loved so much.

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 Elgar the Cyclist - A Creative Odyssey - R 75.00


Illustrated with photographs of Elgar’s cycling companions, inns, hostelries as well as period postcards of local landmarks, Elgar the Cyclist presents a glimpse of a way of life now vanished. For Elgar, the cyclist, “… the fields and orchards, the country lanes, villages of black and white houses, churches, pubs and quiet river banks, all with the eternal skies and the Malvern Hills … ” always beckoned.


‘Kevin Allen has revealed to us a valuable picture of what was a great composer’s major recreation during an important creative decade, and it adds an affectionate element to our overall picture of this tortured, magical, maddening man.’


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