MAYA - The Flamenco Fanatic - The Complete Guide by Rosana Maya
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Where does Flamenco come from? How did it develop? Why is it one of the few dance forms that continues to seduce audiences in the 21st Century?



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 The Flamenco Fanatic - R 249.00


Whether you’re a novice, a professional dancer or teacher, or just have a love of dance, Rosana Maya’s The Flamenco Fanatic is your definitive guide to everything you need to know about Flamenco as art, music, culture and dance:

Flamenco – origins and development

The Flamenco Spirit

The Gypsies and Flamenco

Flamenco and La Juerga

Flamenco – elements and features of the dance

Flamenco and Spain

Flamenco and Duende

about the author - Rosana Maya

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ROSANA MAYA is an international exponent of flamenco dance. She has performed and lectured in the performing arts of Spain and taught hundreds of aspirant dancers and teachers in 4 continents. Her life dedication to the art of flamenco has amounted to intensive study, as a foreigner to Spain, valuating the hybrid universal nature of flamenco: currently Profesora Asesora and syllabus co-ordinator of Alianza Flamenca, member of International Dance Council CID, UNESCO.