Humbert in Lockdown by Robin Stuart-Clark
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How to survive a pandemic lockdown?

To see the world positively during the COVID Lockdown, writer and illustrator Robin Stuart-Clark 

rediscovered a long lost graphic friend, Humbert. What began as a tease for family, friends and colleagues by email rapidly became a daily smile in many people’s lives around our fragile globe.



 Humbert in Lockdown - R 399.00


A portion of the proceeds of sales will benefit SLED - Sign Language Education and Development -

about the author - Robin Stuart-Clark

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Robin Stuart-Clark was born in Sunderland, England in 1951, brought up in Nyasaland and educated in England, South Africa and Southern Rhodesia. He has a B.Fine Art (Rhodes) and has worked internationally as a graphic designer, illustrator, and writer. Currently, he publishes books on South African art, craft and heritage focusing on those artists, craftspeople and individuals who have been overlooked. His children's book imprint, the internationally acclaimed Bumble Books, showcases new South African illustrator-authors locally and internationally.