OUT OF STOCK: The Keiskamma Art Project - Restoring Hope and Livelihood by Brenda Schmahmann
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THE KEISKAMMA ART PROJECT, begun by Carol Hofmeyr in 2000, provides opportunities to over a hundred people in the tiny Eastern Cape settlement of Hamburg, South Africa, to support themselves and their families. Members of this remarkable project collaborate to produce compelling and exquisite artworks, several of which have been exhibited and celebrated internationally.

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Valuable not only to art historians, this sumptous book will inspire anyone with an interest in the visual arts or rural development in Africa. 

about the author - Brenda Schmahmann

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BREBNDA SCHMAHMANN is Professor and the South African Research Chair in South African Art and Visual Culture at the University of Johannesburg. She has published extensively on women artists, including those in community projects, and on contemporary South African art. Editor of 'Material Matters' (2000) and co-editor of 'Between Union and Liberation: Women Artists in South Africa 1910-1994' (2005), she is author of 'Through the Looking Glass: Representations of Self by South African Women Artists' (2004), 'Mapula: Embroidery and Empowerment in the Winterveld' (2006) and 'Picturing Change: Curating Visual Culture at Post-Apartheid Universities' (2013).