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A Tribute to Marilyn Martin who died 22 May 2022.

Over the last ten years or so, Marilyn Martin became an integral part of my working life in publishing.

We first met briefly at the launch of the late Angela Read’s Moses Tladi book at the South African National Gallery in 2010. That meeting led to a professional working relationship that grew over time into a friendship. It was not a social or familial friendship, but rather one of mutual trust.

Working with authors is invariably a difficult balance of expectations versus reality. Marilyn, however, was different: a consummate professional with an aesthetic sensibility that was flawless.

Marilyn knew what the publication needed, how it should be done and how it should look, but was always open to suggestion, never losing sight of who it was for. Yes, she could be a stickler for detail but always with good cause: it is such circumspection that elevates a book to the level of a definitive, authoritative work. Such was her integrity that second-best for Marilyn was simply not acceptable nor negotiable.

It’s been a rare privilege to work with someone like Marilyn. Every time we met, I learned something new, if not about art, then about her or me or life in general. I shall miss our chats, her interest, enthusiasm, and intellect, but I shan’t forget her chuckles.

The Print Matters Heritage team and I with my family offer our condolences to Marilyn’s daughter Catherine, her son John (Ziyaad) and wife Shereen, and grandchildren Leilah and Reyaaz. We have lost not just a parent, grandparent, friend, or colleague but also a dedicated and irreplaceable guardian of South African art and culture.

 Ars longa, vita brevis.

 Robin Stuart-Clark, 26 May 2022

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Print Matters Heritage publishes books on South African art, craft and heritage with a particular focus on those artists, craftspeople and individuals who have been overlooked yet made an impact on South African culture: they have stories to tell and vision to share that can empower our youth and restore pride in our collective heritage.

Print Matters Heritage also packages and markets titles for other publishers as well as corporations, institutions, associations and individuals.

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LIMITED COPIES: The Artist in the Garden - The Quest for Moses Tladi -
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LIMITED COPIES In December 1931 Moses Tladi became the first black artist ever to exhibit in the South African National Gallery. During the 1930s Tladi achieved...More info

Zulu Basketry
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