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LIMITED COPIES: The text and illustrations of this book provide a concisely integrated cultural and natural history of the development of the Saldanha-Langebaan region, along South Africa’s south-western coast.



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 Saldanha-Langebaan - Progression towards Prosperity - R 250.00


It is a sensitive, but also bright-eyed, vigorous and provocative model of environmental history, tracing the transformation of the area from an impoverished subsistence socio-economy to a modern industrial and tourism prosperity. A time of difficult-to-make political choices is in the offing, which could lead to a sustainably prosperous future for the region’s people. A wrong focus could result in increasing nastiness for all.


Introduction • Bay and Lagoon • Prehistory European Explorers • Early European Settlement • Twentieth Century Onwards

• Major Farmsteads and Minor Villages • Fisheries Sealing and Whaling • Mining • Tourism and Nature Conservation

about the author - Roy Siegfried

Cape Town-born W.Roy Siegfried is professor emeritus and a fellow at the University of Cape Town, and formerly professor extraordinary at the University of Stellenbosch and visiting professor at the University of Minnesota. He holds a doctoral degree in the natural sciences. He is a teacher and a researcher, and former director of the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology. Many of his exstudents occupy professorial posts in countries all over the world. He has served as a national and international consultant for such bodies as the UN in the field of research and development planning. He is the holder of several national and international awards and honours. He is a prolific author who writes both technical and popular books, including international best-sellers. His popular books aim to inspire, educate and, to a degree, entertain.