OUT OF STOCK: Snoek on the Couch by Robin Emsley
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This is a book about a fish called the snoek, and about the people of the West Coast of South Africa. It is also about language, an albino bulbul, mental health, and ... the meaning of life. The snoek (thyrsites atun) is a fierce pelagic predator that inhabits the cold coastal waters of the West Coast of South Africa. It eats little fishes and has been doing so for millions of years. We eat snoek.

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 Snoek on the Couch


about the author - Robin Emsley

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ROBIN EMSLEY is a professor of psychiatry at Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Cape Town, South Africa. He holds the Sarah Turoff Chair for Schizophrenia Research. He is an internationally acclaimed researcher in the field of neuroscience of psychiatric disorders and is the author of over three hundred scientific publications. This is his first non-academic publication. He is an aspirant serious fisherman.