SEA RESCUE – Mossel Bay • Station 15 • Mosselbaai – Golden Jubliee / Goue Jubileum 1971-2021 by Mossel Bay Station 15/ Stasie 15 Mosselbaai
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Celebrate 50 years of sea rescues off Mossel Bay - Station 15’s story.

Reading this Golden Jubilee Book is like braving huge waves head-on in a stormy sea.

The reader is given a front seat to see what happens inside a sea rescue station, inside the heart of a crewmember and during the decisive moments when saving a life – and, of the never-spoken-about lonely moments in the aftermath of a rescue.

These stories are true and authentic, told by crew members in their own words.


 Standard soft cover Edition – - R 599.00


50 years of history: 1971-2021

English and Afrikaans 180 pages

265 images 40 newspaper reports

40 sea rescue stories

350 volunteers on Roll of Honour

about the author - Mossel Bay Station 15/ Stasie 15 Mosselbaai