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Mark Muller’s Night Shipping is an anthology of 31 poems divided into two parts – Salad Days [1993–2005] set mostly in Cape Town, and Eis tin Polin [2006–2018] in Istanbul.

Lavishly illustrated with 22 sketches by Diana Page, Night Shipping shows just how the visual can complement the verbal without telling what is shown or showing what is told. ROBIN STUART-CLARK, PUBLISHER – JULY 2022

PLEASE NOTE: This anthology is a limited edition




This extraordinary book exists in the liminal. It chronicles the meeting of various things: the natural and human worlds, the  merging of sea and land, day turning into night, the conversation between exterior and interior realms both spatial and spiritual – and it folds around Istanbul, where east and west meet and merge chaotically. So, it’s fitting that the book is itself just such a meeting and conversation. It brings together 

Mark Muller’s powerful yet tender imagistic verses with Diana Page’s artworks. Diana is already a well-known artist, and Night Shipping should establish Mark Muller as a South African poet to watch.

MIKE COPE – poet / author / jeweller

about the author - MARK MULLER

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MARK MULLER was raised in Balfour, Pretoria/Tshwane and Durban. Night Shipping is his first collection of poetry. He lived in Cape Town before moving to Istanbul in 2006, a trajectory reflected in this collection. Some of his adventures include flower-seller, auctioneer’s assistant, chemist’s delivery man, barman, train-driver’s assistant, soldier, wanderer, artist’s accomplice, editor, husband and father. He works as an English language and literature teacher in Istanbul.