About Us

Print Matters Heritage packages and publishes books on South African art, craft and heritage with a particular focus on those artists, craftspeople and individuals who have been overlooked yet made an impact on South African arts and culture: they have stories to tell and vision to share that can empower our youth and restore pride in our collective heritage.


Book Packaging

Print Matters Heritage only packages and markets publications with a South African relevance –primarily non-fiction with selected fiction, poetry, graphic art etc – for publishers, author-publishers, corporations, institutions and associations.



Print Matters Heritage will only consider a brief synopsis (maximum 300 words) for submission with a covering letter about the author (maximum 150 words); if of interest the manuscript will be requested for editorial assessment and further discussion with the author.



  1. South Africa - Print Matters Heritage (Cape Town) 


  1. United Kingdom - Global Book Marketing Limited and Central Books (London)




The Print Matters Heritage team

Print Matters Heritage works with a collective of qualified publishing professionals with international publications experience – editors, designers, indexers, printers, publicists and distributors: what we produce reflects as much on us as it does on our clients which is why the imprint has an established reputation for superior quality.



Robin Stuart-Clark trading as Print Matters Heritage

6 Opal Way, San Michel, Noordhoek 7979, Cape Town, South Africa

0[27] 83 280 0237