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Don Maclennan (1929-2009) was one of South Africa’s best-loved teachers and the pre-eminent poet of his generation. Though he matured as a poet only in his fifties, he produced some twenty volumes before his death.



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These poems “derive their power from a kind of loyalty to the moment of immediate and existential sensibility.”

Tony Voss

There is nothing phony about these poems. They are written by someone who knows precisely what he is, has seen life, still strongly experiences the erotic, takes joy in nature and cares for his fellow person.

Joan Hambidge

[H]e was a master practitioner of a very exacting craft, and he had the courage to speak in a voice that was highly individual and ‘non-populist’. With their limpidity, wry incisiveness and hard-won wisdom, Maclennan’s poems have outlasted the era that spurned them. And like the boulders, hand-axes and rock art that so often feature in them, they await rediscovery by fresh new generations.

Craig Mackenzie, Professor of English at the University of Johannesburg.

about the author - Dan Wylie

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Dan Wylie is Professor of English at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, where he studied and worked with Don Maclennan.